Katch now saves your Periscope streams for as long as you like

Katch now saves your Periscope streams for as long as you like

Katch came onto the scene in March when Meerkat was booming to provide you with a way of saving your videos to YouTube by including #Katch in your posts title and tweeting it.

Four months on, Periscope is also on the scene and Katch has had a major upgrade. The updated version has added Periscope support, instant replays, additional privacy controls and the ability to download your videos.

To save your Periscope videos, it’s the same method as before – add #Katch to the title of your video and tweet it. Alternatively, if you want to archive all of your posts, you can sign up on the Katch website and it will do so automatically.

The service has moved away from hosting videos on YouTube and now hosts all of the content natively.

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In a post on the company’s Medium account, it promised that processing times have been cut down from minutes to seconds and says that most videos will be available as soon as your broadcast ends.

The new privacy controls on Katch 2.0 let you choose if you want your video to be public or private and also delete any videos after they’ve been uploaded, something you couldn’t do on the previous version of the service.

Sharing tools have been updated to include an embeddable player and the ability to download all of your videos as well.

While Meerkat and Periscope streams are intended to be ephemeral, there is clearly a growing demand to save them. Katch could potentially become problematic for the streaming services in the future if they plan to make more of a product feature of saved streams.

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