Lenka monochrome photo app launches on Android

Lenka monochrome photo app launches on Android

Lenka, the black-and-white photo app by photographer Kevin Abosch that has taken the monochrome shooting set by storm, has now released an Android version.

The app, months in development after its debut on iOS, now runs on devices running Android 4.1 or later. Developing Lenka on Android was a particular challenge because of the variety of devices running the OS.

“When developing Lenka for iOS, we always optimize for the newest iPhone,” Abosch said. “There are thousands of devices running Android version 4.1 or later, which presented a challenge we really enjoyed taking on.”


“It was the relentless Android community and literally the thousands of emails they sent asking for us to develop an Android version of Lenka, that pushed us to develop for their platform of choice,” Abosch said.

Lenka for Android is nearly identical to its iOS counterpart. You get the same real-time preview and can pinch to switch from rectangular full frame format to square format.

Also the same are the three shooting controls: The AF button lets you toggle between auto and manual focus; the contrast control slider lets you manually adjust contrast; and the tint slider lets you adjust the temperature to make the image warmer or cooler.


Tap the lightbulb icon to illuminate subjects with constant light — there’s no flash. Lenka also doesn’t support front-facing cameras, which means — thankfully — no selfies. Crop and rotate are the only editing features available.

As with the iPhone version, you can shoot by pressing the volume button or use the large yellow button on screen. You can share your work on social networks and Instagram.

In other news, the company also announced the launch of Lenka Grid, a curated gallery of images from Lenka photographers worldwide.

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