Pixelmator for iPhone is on the way this month [Update]

Pixelmator for iPhone is on the way this month [Update]

Pixelmator for iPhone? You heard that right. The company that makes the popular image editor, widely viewed as a Photoshop alternative, has announced that it will be launching a version for iPhone soon, making it a universal app.

“According to our plan Pixelmator for iPhone should come later this month,” says Pixelmator co-founder, Saulius Dailide

That means current owners of Pixelmator for iPad will automatically receive the iPhone version when it’s ready at no extra charge. Moreover, in anticipation of that, Pixelmator has slashed the price of its iPad app in half to $4.99.

New features will include Distort Tools, powered by Apple’s Metal graphics API, the company said in a blog post.

The app has been on iOS since last fall, with the launch of the iPad version, a smart move considering how much easier it is to edit photos on the tablet. But there was always something missing without an iPhone app.

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Updated with launch ETA on 5/8.

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