You can now download your Snapchat QR code to customize it

You can now download your Snapchat QR code to customize it

Snapchat’s massively popular QR codes are getting even better: you can now download your code so that you can customize it with your own branding.

A new site set up by the company allows you to download a ZIP file with a vector version of your Snapcode for customizing. For example, brands might want to add their logo or a tagline so it’s easily identifiable.

Snapcodes allow users to add a friend on Snapchat by simply pointing your camera at their tag.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.16.52 pm

The ZIP file contains an SVG and PNG version of your Snapcode along with guidelines on best practices for modifying the code, how to print it and customizations you can make so that the tag still works properly.


Brands can put almost anything they want in the middle of the ghost at the center of the tag, like the one I created above for my personal account.

The codes offer an immense opportunity for brands to add customized Snapcodes to advertising in order to encourage users to add their account and follow their Snapchat stories.

You can download your high-resolution Snapcode here after logging in.

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