Priime for iPhone intelligently suggests which filters to use on your photos

Priime for iPhone intelligently suggests which filters to use on your photos

There seems to be an endless amount of new photo apps out there, but new app Priime is a unique spin on the humble photo editing app.

IMG_0230Available for iPhone, Priime is an intelligent photo editor that suggests filters for your shots based on the content of the image. The app analyzes the color and type of photo (landscape, people, etc) to offer up filter suggestions rather than inundating you with hundreds of choices like other apps.

Those filters aren’t built by the company, but instead are made by a community of curated photographers who developed them and have made them available for purchase. Each filter is $0.99, or you can unlock the entire set of 66 for the launch price of $12.99.

The suggestions are smart, too, with the app offering a number of options for a picture I took of my city that were all perfect choices. It’s pretty nice to not need to cycle through tens of filters before finding the right one.

Aside from filters, Priime is great for tweaking photos too, providing the options you’d expect in a editing app in an easy to understand, clean interface. You can quickly adjust saturation, brightness, tint, etc, at a very precise level.

Over time, I’d expect Priime will make it possible for a wider range of people to sell their own filters on its marketplace and I love the idea that the filters are created by real people, not just the company.

Priime is free for the basic app with photo editing and a handful of filters.

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