CircleBack keeps your contacts up to date effortlessly

CircleBack keeps your contacts up to date effortlessly

Let us paint a picture. You’ve just had a business brainwave. You reach for your rolodesk – or the smartphone equivalent – to send a note to a business associate who said the last time you met him, “I can make things happen, fast” over and over.

Yet, when you send the email, it bounces back with, “this email address is no longer in service.” Dream. Over. But, before you set fire to your ideas of grandeur, there is another way.

CircleBack is the world’s first artificially intelligent contact manager. Tucked behind the simple interface is an AI engine that processes billions of points of information every day to determine if a piece of contact information in your address book is accurate.

Feeding the giant learning machine is the business community, which at last count has put in some 750 million contacts from across the world. Each time a user adds a contact, whether it be from the signature of an email, or manually into your address book on your phone, CircleBack cross references it with what might be in its database.


If the information on CircleBack’s servers has newer contact details, it’ll update them across the network, meaning that even if your contacts were from years ago, CircleBack will do the hard work of updating the contact you’re looking for.

CircleBack anonymizes the data, so it can’t be lifted or squirrelled away by an unwarranted party, and it’s always yours. So you don’t have to worry about being kicked out of your own address book.

CircleBack is free for individuals, and a small subscription fee for businesses who want to roll it out to employees.

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CircleBack brings accuracy to your contact data by blending artificial intelligence and collective intelligence. Keep your contacts clean and up to date.