Madonna to premiere music video on Snapchat today

Madonna to premiere music video on Snapchat today

Maybe that Snapchat original series was a bit of a misfire. But, you can’t go wrong with Madonna.

Billboard reports that the Material Girl (do the kids still call her that?) will be premiering the first music video off her upcoming album, Rebel Heart on Snapchat today. The video for Living for Love will appear in the Discover section of the app.

Snapchat has been branching out to be more than the app you use to send pictures of your nether regions. The service is hoping that its new Discover feature will convince users to stick around and watch videos from partners such as Vice, CNN, Comedy Central, National Geographic and others.

It’s also trying its hand at original content and this past weekend, it premiered Literally Can’t Even which was soundly panned by anyone willing to spend five minutes enduring the show.

But Madonna, that’s a big deal. It’ll be interesting to see how much traction the music video creates for the app.

➤ Exclusive: Madonna to Premiere Music Video from ‘Rebel Heart’ on Snapchat Discover Today [Billboard]

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