You can now view Samba video previews on your smartwatch

You can now view Samba video previews on your smartwatch

With the Samba video chat app now firmly entrenched on the Android platform, the company has extended its reach into wearables with a new video response feature now available for smartwatches.

Samba, which specializes in reaction-based video chat, now offers glanceable preview videos immediately on receipt for any Android smart watch. With the Samba app, friends and family can send video messages to each other with the recipient’s reaction automatically recorded and sent back. The resulting video plays fully synchronized with the original.

The new smart watch preview is designed to be a hint of the video that awaits you on the phone. The Samba smartwatch preview allows users to feel the emotion of the video, but only at a glance, remaining present in the real world. Users can then choose to tap the icon on the watch screen to open the full video on the phone to record their response.

watch preview_1_landscape

Because current technology does not allow full videos to play on the smartwatch, the Samba app optimizes current watch capabilities. “We perceived the watch as the extension of the phone, not a replacement. It is an information extension that allows you to perceive the information more quickly,” said Barak Hachamov, Samba CEO.

The watch preview is 15 seconds, the same length as the original Samba video, and plays on the watch without sound. When you click on it, it opens the video on the phone, with sound, to record your response.

For everything to work, you need the latest version of the Samba Android phone app. Your watch must be synced with the Android app, so that they work together.

This feature is available today for Android smartwatches. The company will also have an Apple Watch version ready for that platform when the product is released.

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