OnePlus reveals its forked Android build to foil Cyanogen snub

OnePlus reveals its forked Android build to foil Cyanogen snub

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus promised its own forked version of Android after Cyanogen did an exclusive deal with Micromax in India.

Now it’s delivered on that promise with the alpha version of its new ROM.

The new Android Lollipop-based fork is currently nameless – OnePlus is running a contest among its forum members to find a suitable monicker – but the alpha build is available to grab now, at your own risk.

While OnePlus needs to develop its own fork of Android primarily because of the clash with Micromax in India – which led to a sales ban for a time – it says it intends to make the final build available for customers worldwide.

In its announcement post, OnePlus says: “…we will keep our promise and deliver an experience that is customizable yet bloat-free with stock-Android-like simplicity by default…”

OnePlus is far from the first manufacturer to develop its own custom take on Android but it’ll be interesting to see what route it takes.

➤ [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.0] Android Lollipop Alpha [OnePlus via AndroidPolice]

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