Uber suspends UberPop in Spain after yet another court case

Uber suspends UberPop in Spain after yet another court case

Another day, another headache for Uber. Following a court order, it’s suspended UberPop, the lower-cost version of its service that uses everyday vehicles, in Spain.

The situation follows a similar decision in France earlier this month. UberPop has also been banned in the Netherlands and Brussels.

In a blog post, Uber says it is “temporarily suspending” the service in Spain, following an injunction against it. A Spanish court upheld a complaint from Madrid’s taxi drivers association, the Association Madrileña Del Taxi.

The company says it intends to appeal the ruling and strikes a conciliatory tone in its post, promising to work with the authorities to “develop a modern framework to create a permanent home for Uber and the sharing economy.”

It also seems keen to butter up Spain’s politicians, saying that “Spanish leaders have already been standing up for the innovation economy.”

Uber seems to have pivoted away from its previous approach of trying to steamroll cities into approving its business model.

Following serious issues in New Delhi and yet another ban, it’s also promised to work closely with the India government.

Whether this is all just temporary tactics or the emergence of a more careful, caring Uber for 2015 remains to be seen.



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