Lift launches major overhaul, offering 1-on-1 coaching to help you achieve your goals

Lift launches major overhaul, offering 1-on-1 coaching to help you achieve your goals

Lift, the habit-forming app that wants to help you create new habits, has released a major overhaul today that will help you achieve your “giant goals.”

The new Lift now offers one-on-one personal coaching that connects users with real people to get results in addition to the app’s original crowd-sourced advice.


Now, users can sign up for coaches who help them with their goals on a daily basis. Goals can be anything from fitness and workouts, to getting on top of emails regularly or writing daily. Coaches message those enrolled in their programs via the Lift app to check in, encourage them to keep going and are available for questions.

There are already a plethora of coaches available for hire for basically any habit you might want to form. Coaches can see the progress of your goals and prompt you via the app’s chat feature with questions or advice.


The company keeps track of coach performance and always ensures that it’s offering the best people for the program.

In an email to existing Lift users today, the company said that in-person coaches can cost up to $250 an hour, but Lift’s 1-on-1 coaching costs just $14.99 per week for as much help as you need.

Users will eventually be able to become coaches themselves and offer services to the community through a future marketplace that the company is building. Those interested can submit their info to the waitlist here for when it launches.

If you’ve got a goal or habit in mind for the New Year, the overhauled Lift app could be the perfect way to finally achieve it.

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