Plague is a new app for “infecting” users with information

Plague is a new app for “infecting” users with information

It’s not like there aren’t a million different ways to share what’s on your mind already, but Plague is a new take on sharing.

Bizarre names aside, the premise of Plague is that you share a status like you would on Twitter or Facebook but it instead of showing in a feed it “infects” those nearby who see the status before it goes further.

When it appears for those users nearby, they have the option to either infect those near them or to stop the infection.

Plague statuses can be text, links or images which have your location attached in order to infect users nearby.


Plague is pretty much Reddit gamified; you can share text or images (as well as easy pasting from your clipboard) to infect others and see how far your status travels.

It makes for an interesting mechanism for disseminating news or trending topics. While I was testing plague the Sydney hostage situation was unfolding and I was seeing some news traveling rapidly around the network.

When there’s lots of people sharing, Plague could be a great way to crowdsource the very latest news or even just your banal everyday thoughts.

➤ Plague [ iOS | Android ]

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