Long-distance carsharing service Carpooling partners with Uber to boost its US launch today


European ridesharing platform Carpooling.com has launched in the US, using the slightly shorter name Carpooling. The service allows users across America to travel together over long distances and split the costs of trips.

With the Carpooling iOS and Android apps, users can post available seats when planning a trip, or search for a ride to join. Once you’ve found fellow passengers going in your direction, you can travel with them to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Carpooling.com screenshot

Carpooling is also tying up with Uber in the US to provide door-to-door travel services: passengers can choose to be picked up at home by an Uber to take them to the starting point of their carpool, and then request an Uber at the arrival point to take them to their exact destination, if needed – all from within the Carpooling app.

The German company has been planning an American launch since 2011. It’s an interesting move for Carpooling, given that French rival service Blablacar isn’t planning to expand into the States because there’s no incentive for drivers to share already-low costs of fuel with fellow passengers. We’ll have to wait and see if the former’s bet will pay off.

Carpooling is now available to US travelers on iOS and Android devices.

➤ Carpooling [iOS/Android]

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