TNW’s Apps of the Year: Dashlane’s multi-platform password vault

TNW’s Apps of the Year: Dashlane’s multi-platform password vault

In our Apps of the Year series, The Next Web team shares personal recommendations for our favorite apps of 2014. 

Dashlane’s Web-based password vault and accompanying iOS and Android apps aren’t exactly brand new, but with the sharp increase in focus on topics like security and privacy in 2014, it seems an appropriate time to call out my favorite password manager of the bunch.

In a nutshell, it provides you with Web-synced access to all your logins and passwords in the click of a few buttons. Extra handily, it offers two-factor authentication via an authenticator app on your phone too; I highly recommend you switch this on, for obvious reasons.

In addition to keeping your passwords safe, there’s also the option to add your banking and passport details, as well as a space for secure notes.


While I’ve only tested the Android and desktop mobile apps, it’s the fact that it works so well across multiple devices that truly makes Dashlane convenient. On Android, it also offers the option for using the Dashlane keyboard and Dashlane browser, making it even easier to log in to sites and apps. iOS users might want to check out this page before making any decisions though.

For extra security, the company recently introduced a new feature that automatically changes your logins on some of the most popular websites.

Convenience, as often is the case, comes at a cost though – $39.99 per year for the Premium version, to be precise. Whether or not that’s expensive depends on how much you value peace of mind. There’s also free access too, which most notably omits syncing between devices, as well as a few other things.

➤ Dashlane | iOS | Android

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