Boom for Mac is a beautiful equalizer that legitimately improves your sound

Boom for Mac is a beautiful equalizer that legitimately improves your sound

There are plenty of apps that claim to improve your computer’s sound, but what if one actually did? When I installed Boom 2 for Mac today, I almost couldn’t believe it.

Boom is an equalizer for system-wide audio; once you install it, all your audio is fine-tuned to sound better. This means it works with everything from Netflix, to Spotify to iTunes.

What Boom is doing isn’t some sort of secret magic; a well configured equalizer can legitimately make your sound better and with this tool, it actually does.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 8.42.49 am

When you set up Boom, it detects which Mac you have and configures itself for your system with a gorgeous setup process to try and show you the difference in the sound. After it’s set up you’ll probably sit there with a track playing while you Boom’s equalization on and off to hear the difference.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 8.47.48 am

Boom then lets you set your equalizer settings yourself or offers a number of presets. I liked that it doesn’t try and lock you into to using its own settings with some magical formula, but the defaults are pretty stellar.

The app touts itself as “designed and imagined for Yosemite” and it truly feels right at home on Apple’s new OS; almost like Apple designed it.

For $15 US, Boom seems to me like a no brainer; I’m wary to recommend tools that “improve” your audio as it’s such a subjective topic, however you can try it for yourself for free for seven days.

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