Bing Pulse now lets anyone conduct audience polls

Bing Pulse

Microsoft said today that it is opening up its audience polling tool Bing Pulse to all users, to allow them to get reactions from groups at events and meetings in real-time, reports TechCrunch.

Until now, the tool was only available through partnerships. Fox News used Bing Pulse to gauge how the nation felt during US President Obama’s State of the Union address last year in February.

Bing Pulse lets users create a poll page using a simple Web-based interface and pose multiple questions on the page through the duration of their events, and automatically graph reactions over that period. You can also post messages to your audience, and soon you’ll be able to also set up social feeds and video streams.

Bing Pulse app

You can use Bing Pulse for free while it’s still in beta until Jan 31 next year, after which it might move to a freemium model.

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