Fat fingers? ThickButtons’ iPhone keyboard app to the rescue

Fat fingers? ThickButtons’ iPhone keyboard app to the rescue

Apple’s move to open up system-wide access to third-party keyboards has been a huge boon for developers and users alike. While SwiftKey is perhaps the star attraction from the keyboard realm on iOS 8, there are a number of alternatives. Niche and otherwise.

The latest one to hit our radar is ThickButtons, an app that’s been available on Android for a few years already, notching up almost one million downloads along the way.

ThickButtons does exactly what it says on the box, and is aimed at helping multi-touch smartphone users – and in particular those with big hands/fingers – type more accurately.

It basically enlarges and highlights buttons as you type, based on its predictions of the keys it thinks you are most likely to require next.

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While ThickButtons does work exactly as promised, the lack of any ‘gliding’-style typing feature for speed and one-handed typing, as you get with the likes of SwiftKey and Swype, would perhaps preclude many from making the shift. But if you do find other predictive keyboards don’t cater well enough to your big hands, then it’s worth checking out.

ThickButtons is available to download now for English and 31 other languages.

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