Calltag lets contacts know why you’re calling them before dialing


If you’re tired of only reaching voicemail when you call certain contacts, Calltag might be just the app-sized answer you’ve been looking for.

Available for Android and iOS smartphones, the beta Calltag app works like a third-party dialer and prompts you to first select a contact and then choose tags to indicate why you’re calling (with preset tags like #lunch, #urgent and so on). The app will first send an iMessage/SMS with those tags and your name to the recipient, and then proceed to make the call. This purportedly increases the chances of reaching your recipient on the phone.

The demo video below shows exactly how that goes:

While the idea seems a bit out there, it can’t hurt to try this method — especially if you’re using a different number than usual to place calls, or if you generally use a hidden number, or if you’re trying to reach someone you haven’t exchanged contacts with before.

It’ll be interesting to see if Calltag catches on, and how the developers build on the concept as their user base grows.

➤ Calltag [Android/iOS]

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