Nokia’s HERE maps is now available for all compatible Android phones

Nokia’s HERE maps is now available for all compatible Android phones

Nokia finally launched HERE maps for Android a couple of weeks back, kicking off as a Samung exclusive for Galaxy-branded devices. Today, Nokia is making the app available to all Android users, though it’s not on Google Play for now.

For its remaining beta phase, you can grab the .APK file from this link, and although Nokia says it’s trying to make the app compatible with as many devices as possible, but it will require Android 4.0 or greater (4.1+ is recommended). It also recommends devices with at least 1GB of RAM, and a screensize of between four and six inches.

Nokia’s HERE maps is one of the four major global online mapping services, alongside Google, TomTom and OpenStreetMap. Though it has all the core features you’d expect from a comprehensive navigational tool, including turn-by-turn directions and points-of-interest, one of the key benefits of HERE compared to its competitors is that it lets you download entire regions (country and continents) for use offline – completely for free.


So assuming you have adequate space on your device, you can navigate your city and wider area without internet access, which is particularly useful for those on limited data plans or who are traveling abroad.

Be sure to check out our HERE maps for Android review, and remember this is due to relaunch for iOS before the year is out too.

➤  HERE for Android [.APK Download]

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