Fleksy flexes its iOS 8 muscles as the keyboard app arrives for iPhone and iPad

Fleksy flexes its iOS 8 muscles as the keyboard app arrives for iPhone and iPad

We’re already seeing a slew of third-party keyboard apps arrive for the public launch of iOS 8 today and, as expected, Fleksy is now flexing its iOS muscles too with its official arrival for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

Fleksy has actually been available on iOS for a while already, launching back in 2012 for the visually impaired, before going on to integrate with a myriad of third-party applications. But with iOS 8, Apple is opening the floodgates to system-wide access, meaning you can now use alternative keyboards automatically in all your applications, from SMS and your address book, to Safari and Twitter.

Fleksy was one of the first companies to give a glimpse of its new iOS 8 app back in June, and given its existence in the Android realm too, the San Francisco-based company has garnered millions of users over the past few years.

Fleksy hits iOS 8

Fleksy uses what it calls ‘Geometric Intelligence’ to combat sloppy and inaccurate typing, predicting where it thinks you meant to hit on the keyboard based on your typing patterns. This should help users type more quickly – in fact, Fleksy was recently used in a world record-breaking ‘fastest texter’ competition.

Launching alongside iOS 8 today, Fleksy is arriving with support for more than forty languages, and multiple keyboard layouts in addition to QWERTY.


As with the likes of SwiftKey, Fleksy improves as it learns your language and typing traits, while gesture-based manoeuvre are the order of the day, including swipe-to-delete.


Fleksy for iOS 8 will cost $0.99 to download with some free themes included, but you can pay out another $0.99 for additional themes. The keyboard is also fully customizable, meaning you can tweak its size to suit your fingers.


Fleksy also includes 847 (not 846 or 848) emoji, and a collection of badges that gamify usability somewhat, with rewards meted out for those who achieve key milestones.


Fleksy for iOS 8 is being rolled out alongside iOS 8 today, so it should arrive in your region shortly if it’s not available already.

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