SpinMe for Android is an alarm clock that only deactivates when you spin around


More than a year after it launched for iOS, the annoying but purpose-serving alarm clock app SpinMe is now available for Android users too.

With SpinMe, the only easy way of switching off your alarm is by physically getting out of bed and spinning yourself around (with the phone in your hand, obviously). It works thanks to the motion-sensing gyroscope now available on many smartphones.

Based on our brief tinkerings, SpinMe for Android works exactly like its iPhone counterpart. When you’re rudely awoken from the land of nod, you will be instructed to stand up, hold your device flat and spin in a circle


You must move in the direction it tells you until the alarm stops. The alarm clock feature itself is pretty basic, and only lets you set one time, with no option for choosing specific days or setting up different alarms for different days.


There are other Android apps out there that force you from your slumber in the morning to deactive those annoying beeps, but SpinMe compounds your misery by forcing you to do a little exercise too. But it’s all for the greater good, right?

SpinMe for Android is available to download now.

SpinMe | Google Play

Main Image Credit: Shutterstock

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