Asana’s productivity platform gets a native mobile app, redesigned and optimized for iPhone and iPad

Asana’s productivity platform gets a native mobile app, redesigned and optimized for iPhone and ...

Productivity platform Asana is unveiling a brand new native iOS app today, rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up. And yes, it’s optimized for iPads too.

To recap, Asana is the slick collaborative task and project management startup from Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-Facebooker Justin Rosenstein. While it has had a presence in the App Store for almost three years now, and has previously undergone top-to-bottom revamps, a shift away from HTML 5 into pure native marks a big advance for the company.

How it looks

When you first launch the app, you’ll be presented with the ‘Today’ view, outlining what you have on the agenda for the day, while you have a ‘Quick Add’ option for new items across all your individual tasks and projects.



It’s safe to say that “rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up” isn’t an overstatement, with both under-the-hood and the aesthetics given a lot of attention here. It’s certainly a lot cleaner, with all your task details and task lists far more easy on the eyes.


Asana also promises that with its new version for iOS, things will be a lot speedier, while it also features a handful of additional new features, including camera integration.

What’s perhaps most notable here, however, is that this design will serve as the template for other platforms. The existing Android app is scheduled for upgrading soon as well, and this new design expected to make an appearance on its Web app too.

Meanwhile, check out the official promo skit for Asana below.

Asana | App Store

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