Co-Founder of Facebook Scores $9 Million For Stealth Startup

Co-Founder of Facebook Scores $9 Million For Stealth Startup

asana logoDustin Moskovitz, a Facebook co-founder has landed a nine million dollar round of financing for his startup Asana, which focuses on enhancing workplace productivity.

The round was led by Benchmark, with participation from the quite active Andreessen-Horowitz group. Asana is currently still in stealth.

This round of funding follows a $1.2 million dollar round earlier this year, which was participated in by Marc Andreessen, among other angels.

The company is hiring at the moment, looking for people who fall into one of three categories: “designers, developers, and business[people].”  The company has a policy in place allowing new employees to spend $10,000 dollars on their work setup, according to their sparse website.

Asana is still playing coy, but with the new money in the tank, they can afford to.

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