Tinker is a beautifully simple to-do list app for iPhone

Tinker is a beautifully simple to-do list app for iPhone

Productivity apps may be plentiful, but that doesn’t stop a steady slew of new additions to the App Store every month.

The latest one to hit our radar is Tinker, which proclaims to organize your life through duration-based goals. What it lacks in features, it more than makes up for in design – it’s a real treat to use.

How it works

With Tinker, you create individual tasks, give them a name, starting time (date) and duration (up to 24 hours in length). Hit the ‘tick’, and you’re good to go.


You can then scroll down all your tasks and see what you have coming up. To pause a goal, you tap it once. To edit it, tap and hold. To create one? Pinch out with two fingers.


To-do list apps are ten-a-penny, but with design, minimalism and execution like this, we’re sure Tinker will find itself a fair few fans. However, it would be great if you could choose from various color schemes – black may not be to everyone’s pleasing.

You can download Tinker from the App Store now for $0.99, or your local currency equivalent. Or check out the official Tinker promo video below.



Tinker | App Store

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