Swipe now enhances your presentations with polls, private sharing, live analytics and a Markdown Editor

Swipe now enhances your presentations with polls, private sharing, live analytics and a Markdown Editor ...

Swipe, a platform for creating and sharing presentations, has added new features like the option to add polls to presentations and a counter for measuring how many people are viewing at any given time.

Some 14 months after the platform first launched in beta, the new poll feature is aiming to make presentations more interactive, while an in-app Markdown Editor lets users quickly change content without having to edit slides separately.


As Swipe is a tool for live presentations, as well as shared ones, perhaps one of the most interesting additions is viewer analytics, which the company said should help users work out which parts of a presentation resonate with the audience and which parts, well, stink.

Another change to the platform includes the option to have a vertical view to add more context to a topic.

For example, a teacher can present in class using the horizontal view and then add additional content, homework or other information to share with students once the class is over. Swipe said the vertical view makes more sense for shared presentations, as you generally don’t want to overwhelm your audience with additional info during a live presentation.


Rounding off the list of notable changes is the option to keep presentations private but still to allow them to be shared with specific accounts. While this might seem like a small addition, it’s a vital one for any presentation platform wanting to scale-up.

“We start with a privacy-first approach, because that’s the big part of the market. Imagine how tiny Dropbox would be if the default mode would have been public. That’s why Slideshare is tiny, compared to the total presentation market. That’s why Prezi is tiny compared to the total presentation market,” the company said. “With Swipe you can upload a deck, keep it private and share with people’s accounts. It’s a common sense approach to sharing private content and then presenting it live to only the people that should see it,” the company added.

It’s an approach that seems to be working. Since November last year, the platform has been used to create more than 100,000 presentations and is in use by organizations like Mozilla, Dropbox, Vimeo, Ideo, YCombinator and more.

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