Personal assistant app 24me for iOS adds ‘smart alerts’ so you never miss an appointment again

Personal assistant app 24me for iOS adds ‘smart alerts’ so you never miss an appointment ...

Productivity apps are ten-a-penny (or a dime-a-dozen, if you prefer), but ones that can help you prioritize your life tasks and keep you running on schedule are less commonplace.

To that end, 24me, a personal assistant app for iOS devices, has added a new feature today which promises to help users get to appointments on time and remember special occasions.

The new ‘Smart Alerts’ feature, essentially, will take into account things like weather, traffic and your agenda to tell you exactly when you should be leaving to make it to your meeting – a little like Google Now, but plugged more deeply into your device and services. Similarly, it will pop-up alerts for things like birthdays ahead of time, so you’re never caught out.


It’s integration with things like the native iOS Contacts and Reminders app, as well as navigation apps (Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps) and social networks, that really elevate this new feature beyond the functionality offered up by Google Now. Particularly on iOS.

The update follows the release of a beta feature in the US in February which allows users to call on real-life help with their tasks. Alas, this option is still US-only and there’s still no sign of an Android app just yet.

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