Remastered Skype for iPhone is coming, touted as the ‘biggest change ever’

Remastered Skype for iPhone is coming, touted as the ‘biggest change ever’

Skype is getting a brand new iPhone app, redesigned from the ground up to create a “consistent look and feel with the Windows Phone and Android apps,” the Microsoft-owned company announced earlier today.

The app isn’t live yet, and it seems the company is revealing the news today to create anticipation ahead of the launch, which will happen in “about a week.” However, it does promise it will be more than five times faster than the current version, will feature smoother scrolling and transitioning, and have synchronized notifications across all platforms – so if you read a message on your computer, it will be marked as such too on your iPhone.

Additionally, iPhone users will be able to start group chats from the main hub, and when you send messages and photos to someone who is offline, it will automatically be sent as soon as they appear back online again.

Skype is calling this the “biggest change ever to Skype for iPhone,” adding that the iPad version will receive some loving shortly too.

Skype 5.0: Remastered for iPhone

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