HotelTonight takes its curated same-day hotel booking service to Windows Phone

HotelTonight takes its curated same-day hotel booking service to Windows Phone

Curated same-day hotel-booking service HotelTonight has arrived for Windows Phone, more than three years after it first launched. A version geared towards Windows 8 tablets users will follow within a couple of weeks.

HotelTonight launched in early 2011 kicking off with iOS, before rolling out a version for Android later that year. The service has typically been aimed at the higher-end last-minute hotel market, letting you reserve same-day hotel rooms from 9am on the day for up to 70 percent below the standard price.

Back in April, we reported that HotelTonight now anticipates last-minute price for the week ahead, based on key events happening in the locale that could affect room-rates. Though this specific feature is missing from its latest app for now, if you own a Windows Phone 8 device, you can get involved in its last-minute bookings shenanigans too.


Though HotelTonight was initially focused on North America, it is now available in 300 markets around the world, and has been making huge inroads into Europe over the past couple of years, in addition to consolidating its existing footprint on the other side of the Atlantic.

And Windows Phone enjoys some of its biggest markets in Europe, with recent figures suggesting it now represents at least one-in-ten smartphone sales in the continent’s five biggest markets. It was even thought to have overtaken iOS in Italy at one point last year.

At any rate, with a Windows Phone app now in tow, HotelTonight opens itself to a sizable new market.

The app has pretty much a full feature-set compared to the existing Android and iOS incarnations (minus the ‘look ahead’ predictive pricing feature), and you can nab $40 (or your local currency equivalent) off your first booking by using the promo code WINTONIGHT.

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