TradeHero launches a Chinese version, bringing the stock market game to traders in China

TradeHero launches a Chinese version, bringing the stock market game to traders in China

Singapore-based mobile virtual stock market game TradeHero has taken a huge step forward in China by launching a Chinese version for iOS and Android devices.

TradeHero has a similar concept to Fantasy Football – users kick off trading on its virtual platform with a $100,000 starting portfolio, and the market moves according to whatever is happening in real life. Users are then ranked on a leaderboard based on a basket of metrics, including how much profit they would have made if the trade were real.

The iOS version of the Chinese app was made available on the App Store last month, but was only officially announced today.

In the meantime, the Android Chinese version is being hosted on the app stores of Chinese Internet giants Baidu and Tencent, which will help TradeHero reach more people in the country than just being on Google Play.


Along with its Chinese app launch, TradeHero has also rolled out an update to Version 2.0, which features a free ‘follow’ function that lets users follow another user’s trade feed for them to replicate the trade if they want to. Previously it required a fee starting from $1.99. Now users have to pay when they upgrade to a premium subscription to receive real-time trading notifications.

The updated version also introduces a new user interface with a stronger emphasis on social sharing, with features including discussion forums, private messaging and a broadcasting function.

TradeHero has been available for a year, and has surpassed 400,000 users in over 108 countries. Last year it raised a $10 million round of funding.

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