Britain’s, Money Dashboard, rolls out mobile apps to help you track your finances

Britain’s, Money Dashboard, rolls out mobile apps to help you track your finances

Way back in May 2010, we queried whether Money Dashboard could become the UK’s answer to, a question we were still asking by the time of its relaunch two years later. Now, the Edinburgh-based startup has answered at least some of these questions with the launch of its very first native mobile apps, available for Android and iOS.

A mobile-optimized site actually went live last month, and we knew these native incarnations were on the way, so this doesn’t come as a completely surprise. But with so much emphasis these days placed upon managing one’s finances on the move, this has been a long time coming.

Unlike many other personal finance-trackers, Money Dashboard lets you collate all your online bank accounts (savings, credit cards and current accounts) in a single platform, with one password needed – and automation is the name of the game here.

The service removes much of the manual spadework required in tracking your expenses, with so-called ‘transaction tagging’ letting you see exactly how much you’re spending in specific categories on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. While this can be configured manually, Money Dashboard automatically categorises income and expenditure into groups such as ‘household’, which can then be subdivided into things like ‘electricity’.


You have access to a slew of charts and graphs that give an overview of your current and past spending, while also predicting your future situation based on historical patterns.


It’s worth adding here that Money Dashboard is a read-only service – you can’t carry out any transactions directly through the app itself.

Meanwhile, if you’re still a little queasy about inputting your personal bank details into a third-party platform, you can always go down the manual route and use something like Dollarbird instead.

Money Dashboard can be downloaded for Android and iOS now.

➤ Money Dashboard: Google Play | App Store

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