Gig Sq. for iPhone helps Londoners find the best live music in their locale

Gig Sq. for iPhone helps Londoners find the best live music in their locale

For those seeking the thrills of live entertainment in their locale, there are many online services at their disposal. Songkick, for example, scans your music collection and delivers a list of live-shows based on music you actually listen to. Now Gig Sq. is throwing its hat into the live-music discovery ring with an iPhone app aimed squarely at London-dwellers.

It’s pretty simple stuff. You can search for gigs by what’s nearby using an interactive map, or peruse a curated list of gigs in the UK capital – each day the team behind Gig Sq. select 10-15 of the best shows happening in the city. You can also invite buddies to join you directly through the app.


At the time of writing, there’s a decent selection of events in its library, and it’s evidently geared towards those seeking random new artists and bands to follow.

Though it’s rather limited at present in terms of geographic reach, we’re told that plans are afoot to enter new markets, while it will soon be possible to buy tickets directly from the app too.

Gig Sq. | App Store

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