QuizUp’s uber-popular trivia app finally arrives for Android

QuizUp’s uber-popular trivia app finally arrives for Android

Four months after it arrived for iOS, Icelandic startup Plain Vanilla Games has officially launched QuizUp for Android users too, following a short invite-only beta period.

QuizUp follows the likes of Words With Friends by letting you pit your wits against buddies and strangers from around the world in a test of your knowledge.

The trivia game has taken the App Store by storm since it launched back in November. Indeed, a month after, Plain Vanilla Games reported five million users, a figure that doubled by February.

The Android incarnation pretty much replicates the iOS experience to the core, and if you’ve already been playing on your iPhone or iPad – the latter of which launched last month – then there are no real surprises in here.

The app now features more than 200,000 questions across 400 topics, covering sport, TV, geography, history and all the rest. ‘Play Now’ puts you up against a random play, whereas ‘Challenge’ lets you target specific users – i.e. your friends. It also includes one-to-one messaging, discussion boards, and localized leaderboards by city, state and country.


Though you can play in real-time with other users so that you’re both up against the clock (10 seconds) at the same time, you can elect to play your round first, and wait for your opponent to become available later. You can also view your one-to-one trivia stats, which is helpful.


QuizUp is a great game, with a ton of questions in its arsenal – something that’s constantly updated too, with 20,000 questions submitted by the community alone. With “billions” of games played in the past four months, this figure will only increase now that it’s available on Android too.

QuizUp is available to download from Google Play now.

QuizUp | Google Play

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