Rounds Live lets you add video chat to any Web page

Rounds Live lets you add video chat to any Web page

Isreali video startup Rounds has been knocking around since the start of 2010, delivering what we’ve referred to before as “video chat done right”.

Now, however, it’s expanding its offering with the launch of Rounds Live, a way to host video calls and discuss content across any Web page. It’s not just a one-on-one option either, each call can be designated a public or private ‘room’ and each room can support up to 15 users simultaneously.

Essentially, the company views this as a way to allow users to do a range of things like “create movie watching parties on Netflix, participate in live concert events on YouTube, play multi-user games while actually seeing their opponents, debate on blog posts, and cheer their team with other fans on sports events”, it said.


Leading up to the launch, Rounds trialled the Rounds Live service with the TV show X Factor in Isreal. It found that, on average, users spent 50 minutes chatting in a room of five people, significantly increasing the potential for audience engagement for brands that want to work with the company for specific events.

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