Stepsie wants to help you manage projects by breaking them down into digestible chunks

Stepsie wants to help you manage projects by breaking them down into digestible chunks

With the likes of Asana, Wrike and countless other tools of a similar ilk, the online project management/productivity space is fairly saturated, so it’s difficult to get overly excited at the prospect of yet another entrant to the space. But Stepsie, a bootstrapped Estonia-based startup run by three Australians and one Italian, recently launched its own take on what a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool is all about.

How it works

One of the core tenets of Stepsie is its simplicity – it is very easy to grasp and doesn’t throw features at you. You simply give the project a name, description, deadline and invite participants by email.

Stepsie lets you create as many ‘steps’ for each project that you like – which may include things like ‘Ideas’ and ‘Prototype’, all the way through to ‘Launch’. This is a little like Asana’s own Subtasks features.


Within each step, you have individual discussions, files (attachments) and tasks related to that element only. This is designed to help you break each project down into clearer, more manageable chunks, and it does collate all this information neatly.

Furthermore, you are able to keep some steps private and restricted to only certain users, which could be particularly useful when working with agencies or third-parties for certain stages of a product launch.

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial, which gives you 200MB of storage. After this, you can pay anything up to $99/month for access – a price that varies accordingly to the amount of storage required, and number of people on the team.

Though it is simple to use, Stepsie may be a little too simple for many teams in terms of the available features. That said, if you’re on the hunt for your company’s first project management tool, then Stepsie is certainly worth your time checking out. If nothing else, it will help you establish what exactly you need from a cloud-based project management tool.


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