If you like IFTTT then you’ll adore Push.co with IFTTT

If you like IFTTT then you’ll adore Push.co with IFTTT

Last fall, TNW Labs launched a new app called Push.co that allows you to receive news and other notifications on your iOS device. Starting today, the app now supports one additional service: IFTTT. With it, users can create their own recipes that will generate personalized push notifications at any time.

In honor of the occasion, TNW has made the Push.co app free through February 28.

TNW co-founder Patrick de Laive said about the integration, “IFTTT and push.co was love at first sight and since the introduction of push.co back in October our users have been asking for it. It just makes so much sense. So we’re thrilled we can finally geek out on all ‘If this happens then send me a push.co notification’ possibilities.”

If you’re not familiar with IFTTT, it’s a service that enables anyone to connect different web applications together. Short for “If This Then That”, users can create triggers or actions so that weather alerts can be posted to Facebook, or that if you’re tagged in a Facebook photo, send you a text message.

Now the inclusion of Push.co means that users can create triggers so that they’ll receive a notification every time something specific happens in an app. Recipes available include Push.co and Google Drive — if there’s a new notification by a specific app, it will add a row to a designated spreadsheet. Here are several other examples:

IFTTT Recipe: Push me when my country wins a medal at #sochi2014

IFTTT Recipe: Follow any feed via Push.co

IFTTT Recipe: Call your parents every week

IFTTT Recipe: Serendipity, meet Push.co (AKA 'Where's the party?')

IFTTT Recipe: When you arrive in London, send yourself a map of the Underground

IFTTT Recipe: Favorite notifications → Pocket

IFTTT Recipe: Push me tomorrow's weather report the night before

IFTTT Recipe: New hot posts in your fav subreddit get sent to Push.co

IFTTT Recipe: Get notifications for Gmails that match specific search criteria

The bottom line is that Push.co recipes will allow unique customizations to be made so that notifications that are important for you are shown. Push will come to Android, you can request a beta invite here.

While normally $1.99, TNW is making Push.co free for a limited time. Make sure you download the app today and create your own IFTTT recipe. Share some of the cool triggers and actions you’ve created below in the comments.

➤ Push.co for iOS

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