Swipe launches to help you create and share beautiful presentations that work on any device

Swipe launches to help you create and share beautiful presentations that work on any device

Seven months after launching in beta at The Next Web’s European conference, Swipe officially goes live today, to help users create and share presentations with anyone on any device.

Though Swipe-powered presentations are created through a Web app, they can be viewed on any mobile device with a modern browser. In its most basic form, Swipe is a little like Slideshare, except with a serious injection of Kool-Aid. You drag-and-drop to upload files, which can be JPEG/PNG/RAW images, Ketnote, PDFs and up to 15 different file-types (though no PowerPoint support yet). You can also throw other content from across the Web into the mix, including YouTube videos.


Presentations can be controlled and ‘broadcast’ live from any device over 3G, LTE or WiFi, and as the presenter swipes (get it?) through their handiwork, everyone else who loaded the shared URL sees the presentation progress in real-time. Although presentation decks can be made public, they are set to private by default.

Moreover, any file that’s uploaded is split into multiple pages inside of Swipe, with users able to throw videos and images into any spot.

“We don’t think the main problem with presentations is how to actually make a ‘slide’,” says company co-founder and CEO Horia Cernusca. “We all have access to powerful content creation tools, like PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop, InDesign and even online content creation tools as well. We want people to use any tool they’re comfortable with to create their content, and we’re building a better way to share, interact, and improve the presenter’s and audience’s experience.”

So Swipe is less of a content creation tool than it is about taking existing content and making it easy as pie to create beautiful, interactive presentations that work cross-platform.


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