Infinit: A fast, unlimited file-transfer desktop app for creatives

Infinit: A fast, unlimited file-transfer desktop app for creatives

After a few months in stealth mode, Infinit is launching its file-transfer app for Mac (Windows and Linux coming soon) to the world in public beta.

Infinit is aimed squarely at creatives, and lets them transfer gargantuan files with haste, claiming to be “up to” 23 times faster than similar services such as WeTransfer and Hightail. Indeed, Infinit caters for any size of file and any type.

You simply drag-and-drop to the desired recipient, who will then act upon the ‘accept’ message that pops up.


In terms of features, it offers automatic pause-and-resume, which basically means that file-transfers are paused when an Internet connection is lost (for whatever reason), and automatically restarts again. Shutting your computer down doesn’t cancel the transfer either. Also, you can play any media file as soon as the transfer has been accepted – you don’t have to wait for it to arrive in full.

For launch, Infinit will be free to download and use. And although it remains Mac-only for now, Infinit will be arriving for Windows and Linux users later this month.


Feature Image Credit – JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images

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