Uniiverse, an eBay for activities, wants to help you meet people and do things

Uniiverse, an eBay for activities, wants to help you meet people and do things

Uniiverse is fundamentally a different service to when we first covered the Toronto-based startup way back in February 2012. But the basic premise remains the same – get yourself away from your computer and out into the local community. It’s about meeting people and doing things.

Uniiverse sells itself as an eBay for local activities, and with the launch of its iPhone app, it wants to make it even easier to get out there and do all sorts of activities, from yoga and pilates, to bread-making.

How it works

Tapping your location, Uniiverse surfaces events and activities that are listed in your locale. The description, price, time/date and location are all given in the event preview, and you can click through for more information. You can also filter down by category (e.g sports), keyword and price-range using the search box in the top-right.

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You can book your chosen activities directly through the app, and message the hosts to ask questions in advance. And if you’re looking to sell your services, you can set up an event in less than a minute.

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Though you can sign-up to Uniiverse with good ol’ email, if you choose to connect with Facebook, Twitter and/or Google, Uniiverse also recommends events based on what you like, and what your friends are doing.

Given the Web-based incarnation has been live for a while already, Uniiverse has amassed 26,000 event organizers and hosts to date, and certainly from our tests in major cities such as London, there did seem to be quite a lot of activities on offer.

The developers behind Uniiverse have previously worked on apps such as Tumblr and Readability, and with Uniiverse, it has paid a lot of attention to design details to create a very user-friendly and useful app.

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