Multiple credit cards? Reward Summit for iPhone tells you which one to use for the best kickbacks.

Multiple credit cards? Reward Summit for iPhone tells you which one to use for the best kickbacks.

If you have multiple credit cards stashed in your wallet, and you’re never sure which one to use for the occasion, Reward Summit could be for you.

A version for iPhone and Android have been available for a while already, but the iPhone build was scrapped with a completely revamped incarnation hitting the App Store this week.

How it works

While it does contain 840 different credit cards in its database, most of these are US-based. If you want one added from your locale, you can contact the developers directly through the app and place a request.

When you launch the app, it’ll ask permission to tap your location, and will suggest what the top cards are for your specific purchase and location.

So, you could enter a store, restaurant, gas station, and anywhere in between, open Reward Summit and it’ll tell you the credit card best suited for that transaction, in terms of rewards and benefits.


You can also browse public places nearby, so you can peruse in advance and know which the best card to use is, while you can narrow down your credit card of choice by searching manually or scrolling alphabetically.


There’s a handy little Cheat Sheet too that shows you the best types of cards for certain categories, including ‘Gasoline’, ‘Restaurants’ and ‘Hotels’.


Over time, Reward Summit will help users find the best cards that would have saved them the most based on their purchase history.


As noted already, there is a version for Android, but that’s part of the ‘old’ Reward Summit – a revamp for that is on the roadmap. The new iPhone Reward Summit app is available to download from the App Store now.

Reward Summit | App Store [Free]

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