Samsung Wallet set for international push after going live on Google Play

Samsung Wallet set for international push after going live on Google Play

Samsung Wallet, the smartphone giant’s answer to Apple’s Passbook service, has stepped out of Korea after landing on the Google Play store ahead of what will presumably be a broad push of the ticketing service in the US and other counties, as SammyHub reports.

Samsung announced Wallet back at Mobile World Congress in February, and the service quietly debuted in Korea in May. While it may draw comparisons to Google Wallet based on its name, the service is really more akin to an Android version of Passbook.

Initially available for Samsung devices and seemingly live in the US only, Samsung Wallet can be used to store and redeem tickets, coupons, boarding passes and membership cards. Location- and time-based reminders can be set, while there is an option to receive offers and other marketing to connect users and retailers.

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Samsung previously revealed that Walgreens, MLB, Expedia,, and Lufthansa were among the US-based launch partners, so it will be interesting to see just how quickly it is integrated into third-party apps and communicated to consumers.

We’ve contacted Samsung for further details, and we’ll update this post with any information that we’ve given.

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Here’s a reminder of what was announced back in Barcelona.

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