Superfly brings its smart travel planning tech to hotel bookings, with a new iOS app

Superfly brings its smart travel planning tech to hotel bookings, with a new iOS app

Superfly, a service that takes your personal itineraries, receipts and frequent flyer balances into account to recommend the best flight booking options, has today expanded into hotels by way of a new app.

As with flights, your own data will help the service find you a place to stay when you travel. The Superfly Hotels app for iOS collects your frequent flier, hotel and car rental memberships, and then offers you the best booking option based on that data.

“Let’s say I’m searching for a hotel in Bangkok (and I’ve never been to Bangkok), Superfly will show me which hotel is preferred by other Delta Gold customers like me,” says Superfly founder Jonathan Meiri. “Or if you are searching for a hotel in New York we will show you which hotel you’ve stayed (in) before.”


Superfly compares its service to Tripit. Just like its rival, the new app scans your email for travel-related information that can help it select the best booking option for you. However, Superfly is more focused than Tripit – it’s a tool for making a relevant booking quickly and easily.

The startup is particularly targeting millennials with the new app. Its research has found that “millennials are buying last-minute, spreading their budget across multiple brands and not getting the status they could have if they focused their budget. Millennials are impulse buyers and expect to complete a transaction within seconds. (The) number of days between booking and consumption of hotels is lowest for this group.”

Whether you’re a millennial with shoddy travel planning skills or a pensioner who books trips months in advance, you can download the new app now, for free.

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