Sony adding offline playback and high-quality audio streaming to its Music Unlimited iOS app

Sony adding offline playback and high-quality audio streaming to its Music Unlimited iOS app

Sony will soon release an update to its Music Unlimited app for iOS that will add offline playback and high-quality audio to the service.

The company noted in a blog post that version 1.3 of the app is currently under review with Apple. When the update does arrive, you can find it here. The Music Unlimited Android app already features offline playback.

To listen offline, users will select download from the options menu on playlists, songs and albums. Offline mode can then be activated to access the music.

Listeners will also gain access to high-quality 320kbps AAC streaming audio that can be enabled under settings. In case you were wondering, these two new features don’t go together, however, as the high-def streaming won’t work in offline mode.

Earlier this month, Sony temporarily cut the price of Music Unlimited, offering a one-year subscription for $41.99 to PlayStation Plus members and $59.99 to non-members.

Considering it owns one of the top record labels, Sony certainly has an edge in the online and mobile music business, but it’s up against increasingly tough competition in the space. Apple recently got further into the game with the announcement of a new iTunes Radio service coming this fall, and Spotify and Rdio have also continued to gain momentum. Google also began offering an All Access subscription for its Google Play Music service in May, with an iOS version set to arrive in a matter of weeks.

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