Rdio now allows up to 5 people on its family subscription plans

Rdio now allows up to 5 people on its family subscription plans

It’s been almost two years since music-streaming service Rdio first introduced its family subscription plans, designed so that parents and children can get their own Rdio Unlimited account, without having to pay the full $9.99 for each member.

Thus far, the plans have been limited to three family members, with each tier getting increasingly cheaper – two accounts cost $17.99 per month, while three would set the main subscriber back $22.99. Now, however, Rdio is increasing its subscription plans to include up to five people.

To set up new members under a main family profile, you need to log-in to your Rdio account and go to Settings>Subscription and then select ‘Unlimited Family’ to become the master account holder, then invite your members.


The tiers don’t get progressively cheaper though – the four-member plan will cost $27.99, while the five member-plan will require a payment of $32.99 each month.

Compare that to the $50 it would otherwise cost a family of five, and it does make economical sense – and it’s good business on Rdio’s part as it encourages parents to bring on board younger users. That said, it would make more sense if each tier got a little bit cheaper with the addition of a new person, even if it was only a dollar each time.

With its recent roll-out in seven new markets, Rdio is now available in more than thirty regions around the world, but the family subscription plans are still only available to users in the US, Canada and Brazil.

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