Vyclone launches its collaborative video-editing app on Windows Phone

Vyclone launches its collaborative video-editing app on Windows Phone

Hot off the trail of the Nokia Lumia 928 unveiling, Vyclone has launched its collaborative video editing app for Windows Phone devices today.

Already available on Android and iOS, it offers “instant video mashups” using footage shot by different users at the same location. A music concert is a common use-case, but a football match, wedding proposal or any form of public event would work just as well.

The kicker is that the app will only process videos shot simultaneously. So unlike Vine, which lets users take multiple shots from completely different places and moments in time, this is specifically about capturing a single moment from multiple perspectives.


Nokia has already uploaded the first video shot with a Windows Phone device over on its Nokia Conversations blog. The 90-second video shows singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran at a concert in New York City from various spots around the venue.

Edited videos can up to three minutes in length – unlike the six seconds offered by Vine – and users always have the option to keep it private or upload it to the Vyclone community. Videos can be shared through Facebook, Twitter and all the usual social media channels, but also ‘remixed’ using new edits and recorded footage.

“In other words, you take the work that has been produced, and give it your own spin selecting the portions of the clip that you like the best,” the blog post adds. “You can do all of this via the app or the Vyclone website – and anyone who is watching the video has the option to make their own remix, too.”

One of the biggest problems with the Windows Phone operating system is the lack of support from app developers. Vine and Instagram would be a huge boost to the platform’s reputation, but Vyclone should keep users happy in the meantime.

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