Kicksend now lets you order printed photos from your mobile for home delivery

Kicksend now lets you order printed photos from your mobile for home delivery

Kicksend has announced it’s opening up its Home Delivery service to the US public, following a trial beta period.

Just to recap, Kicksend is a Web, desktop and mobile app that lets you send files to any recipient’s email address, or to your own desktop app. We first caught up with the startup back in August at a Y Combinator Demo Day.

Kicksend lends itself rather naturally to sending photos, and thus it has been placing more focus on this medium in recent times. Last February, it announced it was to let users share up to 30 uncompressed images at once from their iPhone. Then, in December, this number was made ‘unlimited’, from both iOS and Android – the latter app having launched the previous May.

But at the end of 2012, Kicksend started to move away from the digital realm and into the physical, announcing a new retail service called “Print to Family,” letting users send photos for printing at participating stores, including Walgreens, CVS, and Target. The idea here, was that family members based elsewhere could collect print versions of snaps from their local store.

But now, Kicksend is going one step further and letting users skip the middle man and ship directly to loved-ones based around the US.

How it works

The new Home Delivery service will, of course, sound very familiar – there’s already many digital-to-print services out there. But for Kicksend, it’s a natural progression for its existing service – why make your gran travel to her local Walgreens, when she can have them sent direct to her door? Plus, Kicksend is focusing on original-quality, high-res images – no compression.

The feature is enabled in the iOS, Android and Web app, and all you need to do is open the app, select the photos and choose a size – 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 or 4×4. Then, enter in the recipients’ addresses, and pay, with free shipping if you select at least 10 images.

The updated apps are available now.

➤ Kicksend – Android | iOS | Web app

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