Wunderlist goes Pro with the launch of paid-for premium features, while all users get a new Action Bar

Wunderlist goes Pro with the launch of paid-for premium features, while all users get a new Action Bar ...

Cross-platform to-do list app Wunderlist is taking a big step forward today with the launch of paid-for, premium accounts, while free accounts get a boost with the introduction of an improved UI.

The app, from Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder, has developed a loyal following since it first emerged two years ago. It boasts 4 million users and the company says that a total of 213 million tasks have been generated to date.

Now those wanting to expand their Wunderlist experience can pay for access to two additional features and extra customisation options.

Wunderlist Pro users can assign tasks to other users, adding a layer of social interaction and making the product more useful for teams. They can also set up unlimited subtasks for keeping track of complex tasks, and customize the appearance of their list with eight additional backgrounds.


That’s not a huge amount of additional functionality, but more Pro features are promised for the future, the next of which will be the ability to attach files to tasks – particularly useful when delegating something to another person. Wunderlist Pro costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

action barMeanwhile, all Wunderlist users will notice an updated UI starting from today. A new Action Bar is being introduced that allows easy access to sharing, printing and sorting options.

Last year, 6Wunderkinder announced that it was abandoning its ambitious, complex Wunderkit product to focus on the simple but popular Wunderlist. The to-do list app had originally been intended as an appetizer for Wunderkit’s main course. With the company now all in on Wunderlist, the success of premium accounts will be key to the company’s future.

Wunderlist is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, OS X and on the Web.

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