Smart social directory Twtrland adds Instagram support as it passes 2m monthly visitors

Smart social directory Twtrland adds Instagram support as it passes 2m monthly visitors

We were impressed by people-discovery app Twtrland when we covered its launch back in November 2012. Now the previously Twitter-only Web app is expanding to allow you to find out more about the people who interact with you on Instagram, too.

As with Twitter, you can view data about engagement around any user’s Instagram content. Data like their most popular photos, their average likes and comments per post, and even their most-used filters are nicely presented in a tab on their Twtrland profile screen. Users don’t need to have signed up to the service; as long as they have a publicly accessible Twitter and Instagram account the data will be accessible on a combined profile page.

There’s fun to be had browsing high-profile people to see how their influence on Twitter differs from Instagram. Users can also help by suggesting the Twitter and Instagram accounts of people who haven’t had theirs connected automatically. There’s an element of interactivity too, as users can vote for the top attributes of their contacts. For example, our CEO, Zee M. Kane, had top attributes (automatically pulled from his Twitter bio) of ‘entrepreneur’, ‘CEO’ ‘technology’ and ‘founder’. He’s not strictly a founder of The Next Web, so I voted up ‘design’ as it’s something he’s skilled and interested in.


This is far from the only service offering Instagram stats – Statigram and Nitrogram are both notable examples – but there’s a lot more to come from Twtrland. The Israeli startup has plans to add Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr as it works towards becoming what it describes as “a unified social ID.” Twtrland, which recently passed 2 million visitors per month, is probably better described as a detailed social directory that will become more useful the more services it supports.

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