Springpad debuts embeddable notebooks aimed at brands & publishers, launching with Glamour, TripAdvisor & more

Springpad debuts embeddable notebooks aimed at brands & publishers, launching with Glamour, TripAdvisor ...

Springpad, the popular cross-platform notebook app, has announced a new embeddable notebook feature it hopes will see its service soar with brands and publishers in particular.

Just to recap, Springpad first launched back in 2008, and has been building a steady following since then, claiming more than 4 million users. We last caught up with them back in October last year, when the notebook-creating and sharing service rolled out a slew of new updates, including drag-and-drop boards.

Now, with Springpad Embeddable Notebooks, it has its eyes firmly trained on the business sector and is launching in cahoots with more than 15 companies, including Glamour, TripAdvisor, Del Monte, Breville and Wayfair. Though it’s worth noting here that any notebook is now embeddable by any user.

This move echoes developments elsewhere in the productivity app space, with the likes of Evernote also targeting businesses in a number of countries. Springpad’s Embeddable Notebooks are essentially an extension of its standard digital Notebooks, and are designed to increase engagement between brands and consumers.

How it works

Embeddable Notebooks can be created with existing content, which may include a company’s special offers. The Notebooks can then be embedded alongside a brand or publisher’s site content, or on Facebook pages, similar to how you would with a YouTube video.


Then, consumers can ‘follow’ the Notebook (Web or mobile) and receive alerts when the Notebook is updated. Followers/users can also share Notebooks across the social sphere, and re-embed it themselves on their own website or blog.

Each Notebook is accompanied by simple embed code that you can copy/paste for your own use on the Web.


You can seen an example of an embedded notebook at the bottom of this page.

“What excites brands and publishers about Springpad is that our opt-in engagement platform extends the customer relationship by offering them ongoing, direct access to consumers who have overtly expressed interest in their products and services,” says Jeff Chow, co-founder and CEO of Springpad.

Coinciding with this news is Springpad 4.0, which features a significant redesign of the Springpad app. This includes ‘Actions’, which serve up instant in-app search results based on personal interests, context and intent.

“Because our underlying technology captures the meaning of what you save, we go beyond the plain text, link or photo to dynamically update what you’ve saved with relevant information,” adds Chow.

You can read more about Springpad’s Embeddable Notebooks, or download the updated Springpad apps now. And see below for an example of what an embedded notebook looks like.

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