Music streaming service Deezer adds third-party app discovery to smartphones, updates its API [updated]

Music streaming service Deezer adds third-party app discovery to smartphones, updates its API [updated] ...

Deezer, a music streaming service which competes with the likes of Spotify and Rdio, has just announced a number of developer-focused changes; the company is launching third-party app discovery on mobile devices, and is updating its API to bring Deezer-powered apps into its social bar.

Third-party app discovery is coming to iOS and Android by way of the company’s App Studio. Deezer claims this will create “even more opportunities for fans to enjoy and experience Deezer.”

On to the social bar, the startup details that “activity within Deezer apps” will now appear to provide “greater visibility” and help them “spread faster through friends.” The company also says that “additional API features have been added to enable and encourage the development of gaming experiences built around music.”

In an effort to show off these new features, Deezer is releasing Askking Music (yes, with two k’s), an app which lets users “challenge Deezer contacts and Facebook friends to identify tracks from shared favourites and playlists.”

Deezer first launched its API last year, and at the time developer incentives were announced. Now the company appears* to be pushing its affiliate program again, promising “£9.99 ($16) — or one month of a premium subscription — for every new user that [joins].” Update: We’ve been informed that originally Deezer only offered this program with developers which it had a “one to one” relationship. Now, it’s open to everyone. Additionally, Deezer has clarified that the “amount rewarded depends on whether the new subscriber signs up for the Premium or Premium+ package,” and will take local taxes (VAT, etc) into account.

Along with these updates, Deezer has plans to launch a new developer site — the timing of which is unclear. The company details that “new resources and guidance will be provided to help developers get the most out of Deezer’s new and improved APIs, while a series of updated SDKs will also be made available.”

With more than 26 million users, Deezer has done well for itself, but it is now facing increasingly stiff competition from its streaming brethren. The company is betting on investments in third-party developers to push its service to new eyes and ears.

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*Deezer appears to be pitching its affiliate program as being brand-new, despite its announcement last year. We have reached out to the company for clarification but have yet to hear back.

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