Any.DO extends its productivity app with Moment, a simple planner to help you tackle the day ahead

Any.DO extends its productivity app with Moment, a simple planner to help you tackle the day ahead

Any.DO has updated its productivity app for Android and iOS today with a new feature called Any.DO Moment, which is a daily planner that helps users manage their most pressing tasks and deadlines in a single screen.

The rest of the app still functions as before, allowing users to create new tasks simply by pulling down from the top of the screen. After giving the task a name – either through its native voice recognition or predictive text features – you can set a due date and an appropriate reminder. It then sits in a folder titled Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming and Someday, where you can take a look, say it’s completed or drag it into a new order.

Any.DO Moment takes all of this data and summarises it in a new, daily format. So at a specific time of the day – 9am by default – the feature kicks in with a new screen and four color-coded buttons at the bottom.


These are titled Today, Later, Done and Delete. All of the tasks that are set for that day then appear one-by-one, allowing the user to glance over their commitments and take any appropriate action.

So if you have a restaurant reservation and want to keep it in your diary, tapping Today will ensure it stays in the current folder without any changes. A run that you were meant to do this morning, but now want to push back until tomorrow, can be delayed using the Later button. The four additional choices that appear – tomorrow, in two days, next week and someday – will determine what folder the task is moved to as a result.

The final two choices will dismiss activities from the app. The Done button means that you’ve now completed a task, while Delete can be used to remove it from your to-do list entirely.

It’s a very logical and sensible approach to task management. Many people make looking at their diary or calendar the first priority in the morning, so that they can remind themselves what they need to do and when. Any.DO Moment works in precisely the same way, offering a summative glance at everything already stored in the app.

The feature can also be set to kick in only on specific days, and the custom clock means that you can receive the Any.DO Moment reminder at any time of the day. So if you prefer to consider the next 24 hours just before going to bed, that isn’t a problem.

Any.DO is also available as a Chrome extension to help user sync their to-do lists across multiple platforms. An update last October added Gmail integration, following our initial review back in 2011.

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